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I loved Spring's bouquets

In Winter I wished we were May

Time and time again

Until I fell in love with Winter's grey.


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Wonderful game ! I'm always amazed when creators are able to convey so much with so litle elements. And that game is definitly one of those ! I loved it ! 

thank you so much, i'm glad you loved it so much! appreciate you for playing <3

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this game is a cure for depression (seriously)




damn that hitted me HARD, thank you for this game.

thank you for playing! :)

What's up with the changing hair?

do you mean the long-haired character? it's a hyper-realistic wind effect.

Are there four characters?




My my....... I can't expect less than this dainty profound short narration from each parties and that little detail at the clock which stops at spesific time ; reunion after reunion reminding to certain past, some move on, some stuck at the time :')

I added the clock element quite late into the game, when I realised that players needed a visual aid to understand the game mechanic-- it then made me realise the game was really focused on the anxiety of time passing!



this was super meditative. very neat.

thank you!

I feel this one a lot. Great work.

thank you. <3

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subdued and quiet, subtle and simple with deep meaning. great work as usual.

thanks a bunch, Seth. means a lot :)