Mouse to shoot.

My February 1GAM. A bit late for Valentine's Day - the game is about loving yourself first. It's a sort of interactive song, as the gameplay complements the song.

In another life

I'd be your valentine

I'd throw away the chocolate box

And the bottle of wine

In another life

You would see me more

You would look at me

When I leave through the door

But nothing ever happens when life gets in the way

So I lift my chin up to the sky and say:

The fireworks, they light up the sky

and I forget what missing you feels like

The fireworks, they ignite my life

and I remember that this moment is all mine

I stand by your side

And it might seem bold

For me to ask why

My hand you do not hold

I stand further down

My train is not the same

Somebody starts to cry

As you walk away

Green yellow and blue

I forget that I'm not with you

Pink purple and red

I'll watch the fireworks instead

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