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all I can say.....Is same, same bruv. Wojak GIFs | Tenor

thank you for sharing, i appreciate it

thank you for sharing this <3

thank you so much for playing! <3


I love this game and also as a gay i relate a lot to it. I hope you found people who could accept you for you and not judge you by what you wear. ^w^

thank you, i definitely did, and i hope you did too <3


i'm crying. 

thank you for such a simple story. through it's simplicity, you've managed to explain what this sort of thing is like perfectly. thank you for telling me words i needed to hear.

and thank you for such a fantastic little masterpiece.


i'm really glad to hear my little game made you feel less alone! thank you for the kind words <3


ouch, playing this emotionally hurt, i hope you found people that accepted all of you


Whenever your games pop up in my feed it's always a treat.

Thanks for this one.

thank you for your kind words. <3

I don't want to say anything about your mom that will offend you, so I'll put it like this. I feel like people should be free with what they want to do and not be judged by other people like there from another galaxy. Your mom was on the wrong puting it all like that. I had fun seeing what happened in your life.

agreed! i'm glad you liked playing through the game, thanks for checking it out. :) 

Your Welcome.


It's a simple click-through game but with effective narrative elements. The autobiographical perspective challenges the misunderstood conceptions of gender expression along with sexuality.  I also think concluding each scenario with thoughts ruminating in bed is effective about how we internalize what societal pressures tells us constantly.  Thank you for sharing your experience that speaks to me and hopefully helps other people understand. 

Thank you for your kind words. <3 That's exactly what I was going for in the bed scenes, we internalise the worst & piece the worst possible scenarios together, and it has a long-lasting impact on our perception of what is allowed/of ourselves.


This......really sums up the traditional way of thinking and its influence to person's self-esteem in daily society :'(

it sucks. 

it's really weird playing it back, as it's one of the first games i made, but has defined the direction i took in what i make-- small personal games.