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I'm super late to this, but I wanted to say that this is super cute! It's so nicely designed and animated. I'm also a huge fan of On a Sunbeam and seeing the name instantly made me think of it. Lovely little piece <3


thanks so much! <3 On a Sunbeam is so amazing, both storyline and graphics-wise!!


Nice textures! And the machines and moving bits are all really nicely animated, can practically hear them chugging along.

thank you! it was really fun to work on the pixel art, bitsy makes it so rewarding!


this is really nice :D i really like how calming it is as you just move from one room to the next


thanks onion <3 i wanted to give it an eerie feel!

it does have a eerie kind of vibe but its also like calming in that sort of lonely way?? i think you totally achieved it :D


All the mechanical systems are so well illustrated, it’s fun to imagine them all working together.

thanks Sarah! I wanted to make sure to leave hints that would cause an "oh" moment at the reveal in the end :D

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love how mysterious this is <3

thank you! it was super fun to explore a different genre :)