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lowl I love the sounds matching the music. I played pftft classics



wow thank you! <3


interesting :)


Very creative ! At first I did not realize that it is a two player game, it is fun :)

thank you! <3


Simple and fun. Only criticue is that the alternate / player 2 buttons (I,J,K,L) has the arms and legs inverted. up and down is legs on player 1, but arms on player 2. And vice versa. (tried as solo, mashed bottons a lot to see who would win.)

thank you for playing, i'm glad you enjoyed it! <3 the alternating buttons for P1/P2 are on purpose btw, so someone who gets really good playing as P1 can challenge themselves by switching to P2 :) my testing of the game involved a lot of solo mashing buttons as well :')

I have no bae, but I have gotten a pretty good score button mashing (18)

great to see that the game can be a fun experience even when played solo :DD good job!

Awesome game :D
Didn't get a chance to play it with the bae at the Braehead event on Saturday, sorry I was so shy, but finally had a look and it's fantastic :D

I am glad you enjoyed it! Also, I am probably more awkward, so no need to feel shy when coming up to me :')