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loved this, something about it was calming, especially the music

thank you! <3

Very pretty! I loved the music as well <3 Did you write the song?

thank you! yes, i like to do some lo-fi music writing & recording from time to time :)  was going to link my soundcloud but i see you've followed me there already, hehe. thanks! :D


you're very welcome :D your music is so calming

Interasting concept, but I'm sure you can do some beautiful story, maybe like The Last of Us? And can have this lovly ending. Maybe with some puzzles, I don't know. I hope you will increse the lenght. But I have to say it again, really cool concept! : ) Do you have Twitter or some social media, I want to hear about your new stuff.

Yes, I'm definitely looking into making longer games - if done right, they can have a huge emotional impact on you (Life is Strange comes to mind!) I'm really glad you liked it. I'm at @underskinnyhrt on twitter and all my other social media are on my website, :)

Thanks for answering me and If you need and artist to help count with me. I'm actually learning about 3D modeling and animating. Actually I'm finishing the code of my first game. Well, it's not MY game, it's a game made it by a little group of people @DigytalHype on Twitter, we don't have anything publish... but that's why I'm finishing the code

Sorry for any spell/ortographic fault, I'm not English native speaker.. : (

So beautiful.

thanks Miguel :)

I really love the bit style and beautiful song, thank you for the experience :)

thanks! you are very most welcome :)

Awesome. Totally beautiful and eerily "simple". I love it. Nice work!

thank you! glad you liked it :)