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I used to live in Preston. It's pretty nice and lively actually. A big market there. Good restaurants :3

Really like the way the game kinda pulls apart / disintegrates.

Haha, good to know-- I believe Courtney wrote the song after visiting a property there during a period in her life that was quite dark, hence the sad portrayal of the city :') Thank you!!


Yeah. I can imagine that side of the place. The name Depreston is what made me suspect it was about this particular Preston :0

This is super great and it's 2000% greater with the music behind it! Playing it while listening to the song made me realize some stuff about the song I never noticed before!!!! Great work!!!

This is so lovely, thank you for sharing!

Courtney Barnett is one of my favs! Great job!!


she's so good isn't she! only recently discovered her and i'm really glad i did!